This is CarVia

CarVia became the industry leader in Germany in the exciting business of sports car rental within just a few years.
But that was just the entry into the world of mobility services of the future. As early as 2019, CarVia ventured into the rental of electric vehicles and is not only at the forefront in the choice of drive.
Transparent conditions and simple, digital handover processes - coupled with the right amount of coolness - are what set the young company apart.
Also as an external rental partner for major car manufacturers, CarVia now makes its know-how available. In this context, the past is the foundation of the future. As early as 2025, CarVia wants to be among the top 5 car rental companies in Germany.

Our development

Cars and People opening event

In April 2017, the first CarVia station was opened by founders Julian & Joschka Reik in the heart of Munich.

Opening Rental Hub Munich

At the beginning of 2018, we launched the Driving Experiences product with individual road trips for our customers and group rides together.

Start Driving Experiences

In mid-2019, the first electric cars were added to CarVia Car Rental's exciting fleet.

Electric cars in the fleet

In July 2020, CarVia took over the car rental company Car4Emotion along with its team in Rottenburg.

Takeover Car4Emotion car rental

In February 2021, the second CarVia station was opened in Stuttgart directly at the airport.

Opening Rental Hub Stuttgart

Our Founder

Joschka Reik

CEO / Co-Founder

Joschka is bubbling over with ideas & drive. Experience his creativity not only on the CarVia YouTube channel, but throughout the car rental.

Julian Reik

CFO / Co-Founder

Julian sees optimization opportunities where actually overoptimization has already taken place. Above all, customers benefit from this, as all services and processes contain 100% CarVia DNA.

Mobility for you

CarVia Rental

Digital handovers, exciting cars and employees who love what they do. We offer mobility for a day, a weekend or much longer. Challenge us and experience car rental fun again.

CarVia Driving

Mobility is often more than the direct way from A to B. Mobility can be not only an end but also a means, the way as the goal! Experience exciting rides or road trips organized individually for you.

CarVia on YouTube

Since 2020, we have been offering you weekly video footage on YouTube about our fleet, the development of the company and the many adventures along the way. Subscribe to our channel and get insights into the exciting business of a car rental company with extra passion and ambition. Plus, you can learn some German ;)

In the press

"Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the entrepreneurial counterpart of a car rental company for show-offs. Joschka Reik told me about the challenges of his business. He is one of the founders of CarVia, a young car rental company based in Munich. The fleet includes mainly Porsche sports cars. They rent to wedding couples as well as to men who want to fulfill their lifelong dream here with a day 911. Tourists also like to have the cars arranged for them by their hotel's concierge."
Jan Steins GQ / April 2018 p. 52

GQ Magazin

"The pure driving time of the daily stages is about 4-5 hours. In convoy and connected via walkie-talkie with the instructor driving ahead, it goes dynamically over countless mountain passes. Tips for driving and one or the other anecdote about the tour are given over the radio! The atemberauebnden changes of scenery inspire all occupants equally."
04. issue 2018 p. 36

Porsche Times