BMW M2 and i8 in red and silver rental car

Driving Tour Alps and Dolomites

Get to know the scenic roads of the famous Alps and the outstanding mountains in the Dolomites between Germany, Austria and Italy. Drive in a supercar and enjoy a road trip of your life time. We provide you with the right rental car.

  • Duration: 3 Days / 3 Nights
  • Total driving distance: 950 km / 600 miles
  • Route: Day 1: Munich - Merano | Day 2: Merano - Cortina d´Ampezzo | Day 3: Cortina d´Ampezzo - Munich

Highlights of the luxury driving tour in Germany

Driving fun

More than 10 mountain passes are waiting to be discovered by you in a supercar of your choice. Plan your trip accordingly and get a Supercar rental from us to experience a road trip of your lifetime!

Curvy Roads

Enjoy extraordinary views of the changing landscapes with lush valleys and snowy mountain summits. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Großglockner High Alpine Road or Timmelsjoch could be the highlights along the way.

Boutique Hotels

Great performance requires great relaxation. You should choose luxurious hotels for you so you can recharge your batteries in the best SPA areas around. Superb service will make the difference.

Fine Dining

Savor sumptuous meals after you step out of your supercar. During dinner you can recall the experiences of the day on the road and already look forward to the next stage up in the mountains.

DAY 1:
(The Alps), Munich -> Merano

This supercar trip is all about the best European mountain passes to drive. In 3 or 4 days you will explore the pearls of pass roads in the Alps and the Italian Dolomites. Your luxury road trip starts in Munich. You spend the night before the start in a 5-star hotel and have some time to explore the capital of Bavaria. As you have already received your itinerary for the driving tour you can make yourself familiar with the route for the next days. In the morning, our staff will deliver your car to the doorstep of your hotel. You can choose from a broad range of rental cars within our sports car fleet. Porsche enthusiasts will be very delighted about our 718 Cayman GT4 or 911 GT3, the dynamic Boxster or even the futuristic Porsche Taycan Turbo. Other options are BMW M cars such as M2 Competition or the powerful i8 equipped with 2 engines. If you prefer a luxury SUV up in the Alpine mountains you can also go for a sporty Porsche Cayenne or an elegant Range Rover Velar. Our Alps and Dolomites driving tour will lead from Munich to the south and soon across the border to Austria. After warming up you can apply your driving skills on the Hahntennjoch, the first beautiful pass road. Following suit is one of the greatest pass roads in the Alps, the Timmelsjoch. Due to the heavy traffic on the Stelvio Pass, we prefer this route across the mountains. Hold your steering wheel tight, accelerate your supercar up the many twists and turns and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. If you have driven the road before, you can alternatively take the Brenner Pass Road and the Penser Joch or Jaufenpass. Either way, soon you will arrive in Italy in the beautiful city of Merano in South Tyrol. On our fully organized road trips you can just check in at your luxury accommodation, get your car parked and lean back for the rest of the day. In the evening, you will have a delicious dinner and fall asleep on a soft mattress to recover for the next stage of your supercar driving tour through the Alps and Dolomites.

DAY 2:
(Dolomites), Merano -> Cortina d’Ampezzo

After conquering the Alps on the first day you will today experience full driving pleasure in the Italian Dolomites. This regions boasts one of the most exciting collection of pass roads in Europe, if not in the whole world. Specifically, you will drive along the Gampen Pass, Mendel Pass, Passo di Lavaze, Passo San Pellegrino and Passo Giau. At the end of the day, you will arrive in the famous city of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Start your day early with a healthy breakfast and get back into your dream car. Turn on the engine and rejoice as you hear the sound in the back. Our many luxury rental cars will satisfy even the most challenging needs: Get a Porsche GT-model with a manual gearbox, an all-wheel drive sports car such as Audi R8 or a grand tourer such as Aston Martin or Ferrari Portofino. On your tour they all have the potential to make you addicted to driving mountain passes all day long. One advantage of our fully organized tours is that you can focus on driving the cars instead of planning the trip. We select the best routes for you, book all hotels and are available 24/7 during the tour in case you have any questions or need assistance. Today your journey ends in Cortina d’Ampezzo, at a luxurious SPA retreat overlooking the landscapes you have been racing through earlier. Unwind on the terrace, relax in the gym and wellness area and enjoy a drink. At this 5-star jewel you can soak in the purified mountain air while your supercar is safely parked in the hotel garage. If you cannot get enough of such intense driving days, feel free to book another night in the Dolomites and be prepared for even more pass roads to discover. We have some more aces up our sleeves!

DAY 3:
(Grossglocker High Alpine Road), Cortina d’Ampezzo -> Munich:

Today will be the Grande Finale of your scenic road trip. You will leave the region of the Dolomites and head back towards another part of the Alps. Cross the border from Italy to Austria on the Staller Saddle, lifting you up more than 1000 meters in a short time. After passing the city of Lienz, where you can stop for a lunch break, one of the big highlights awaits you. The Großglockner Hochalpenstraße (High Alpine Road) boasts 48 kilometers of bends taking you to an altitude of 2504 meters. Enjoy stunning view as you step on the gas of your sports car. In Austria you will drive along the well-known city of Zell am See and the fancy resort of Kitzbuhel. As you cross the border to Germany there are some more curvy roads to drive and also a stretch of German Autobahn (highway) without speed limit. When you arrive in Munich, our team will personally welcome you and your supercar back from your grand tour on the most exciting mountain roads in Europe. We hope that you had an unforgettable driving experience. Get in touch with us know to book your special driving tour. We will be happy to customize it for you in case there are parts that you want to add to your itinerary. One of our CarVia team members will be with you during the booking process, during and after the journey. Experience drive on your holiday, with a business partner or your family. We are regularly updating our rental fleet with the latest luxury and sports cars. All of them are properly registered, maintained and insured so you can enjoy a fun and dynamic, but also safe ride at the same time.