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Our offering: 1,999 € / month excl. 19 % VAT

Porsche Cayman

Porsche Macan S Diesel

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Long-term rental is the modern and flexible way of driving. You don’t need to bother about registration, insurance, inspection, vehicle tax or tyre change. Accounting will be simplified through one main cost centre. In the long run, you can avoid negative consequences resulting from changes to accounting standards in 2019, which will require lease contracts with a duration over 12 months to be passivated as liabilities. Decide in which period of time you need a car and get a real alternative to car lease contracts.

  • Flexibility of duration
  • Full cost control
  • Simplified accounting
  • Full tax reduction of rental payment
  • Latest car models
  • Opportunity to switch cars flexibly
  • Kilometer packages upon request
  • From 01.01.2019: Accounting benefits through rental contracts < 12 months


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