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Are you looking for a rental car in the luxury category in Berlin?
We offer you exceptional vehicles for special occasions at our Rental Hub at the new airport Berlin "BER".

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Our luxury car location in Berlin

Book your dream car at our location in Gebrüder-Hirth-Straße 27, 12526 Berlin, easily online. At the new airport "BER" we are already looking forward to welcoming you.
The most important thing in advance: You do not have to worry about any negative surprises. With us you do not book a rental car category only, but you get exactly the vehicle you booked and got confirmed. Even the color corresponds to the model presented in the reservation process.
On site you will experience a completely digital handover process of your rental car. We will be happy to explain the luxury car to you in detail, so that you can cruise through the German capital without any stress.

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Luxury fleet
  • Cancel free of charge until 1 week before start of rental
  • Guaranteed & like new vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Transparent rental conditions

FAQ about luxury rental cars in Berlin

Yes, this will be pre-authorized as a security deposit on your credit card. The corresponding amount depends on the selection of your exact rental car.
You can see the amount during the booking process of your rental car before confirming your reseveration. The deposit is only due when you pick up the car and will only be blocked on the credit card.

You can also go abroad with luxury cars. To do this, you need to book the cross-border option. However, you must note that you are not allowed to drive to all countries with the vehicle.
You will see a detailed list of the allowed countries in the booking process and on your booking confirmation.

Drive a luxury car in Berlin

Experience the world of luxury cars with high-quality vehicles from brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover etc..
High-quality materials, lots of leather in the interior and a great infotainment system make the luxury class stand out. When driving, you notice how softly the suspension operates, resulting in an incomparably comfortable driving experience.
The most extraordinary of all luxury vehicles is probably the Rolls Royce. But the German premium manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW & Audi can deliver equally great vehicles.
The luxury segment is also developing more and more into the SUV segment and is no longer reserved for the long limousines of heads of state. That is why there are now also SUVs over 5 meters long such as the BMW X7 or Mercedes-Benz GLS.
Our Rental Agents are of course big fans of this vehicle class themselves and will be happy to explain all the details and possible settings to you when they hand over your rental car.
In fact, if you rent a luxury car, you should immediately get a friend as a driver, so you can take a seat in the right rear and just let the stress of everyday life pass by. Even in terms of additional options such as free mileage or comprehensive insurance we offer you any kind of luxury when renting a car in Berlin. To do so, click through our online booking in just a few steps or contact us.

Experience Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Many great buildings attract thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. There are many sites telling stories about German history. For example, remains of the wall that divided Berlin into East and West. As well as a central Jewish monument, which should remind of the terrible crimes during the 2nd World War. Berlin has a very famous party scene and is considered a city where you can unfold freely in any direction. Due to the size of the city you should take your time for holidays in Berlin. Rent a luxury rental car such as a Porsche Panamera or Cayenne, on average only a few weeks or months old.

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