Supercar driving tour Europe

Travel through Europe and tick off some entries on your bucket list with this supercar driving experience. Together with our team of professional instructors we matched the most beautiful routes with the most exciting cities in Europe. During the day you will drive your sports car through unique landscapes around the Swiss Alps, Italian valleys and French coastal roads. And in the evening you will check in at extraordinary hotels in cities such as Zurich, Milan and Nice. This Europe luxury driving tour takes you through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

  • Duration: 5 Days / 5 Nights
  • Total driving distance: 1,300 km / 825 miles
  • Route: Day 1: Munich - Tyrol | Day 2: Tyrol - Zurich | Day 3: Zurich - Milan | Day 4: - Milan - Turin | Day 5: - Turin - Nice

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Highlights of the Top Gear Driving Experience

Pure Joy

Choose your luxury rental car and follow our path through 5 countries. We select top-rated hotels and the perfect route for you. You receive all necessary information with our road book before you start your driving experience.

Curvy Routes

We have chosen the best roads for your supercar driving experience. Enjoy breathtaking views and comfortably follow our GPS that we personally set up for your trip.

Selected Hotels

Unique architecture in peaceful settings and the best of the european kitchen. Enjoy wines and other specialties at your luxury hotels during the supercar driving tour in Europe.

Fine Dining

Explore the photogenic old towns and stroll around to find the best restaurants. With our recommendations you have enough options to choose from on your sports car tour. From traditional to extraordinary.

Day 1:
(Southern Germany & Austria), Munich, Germany -> Tyrol, Austria

Before you start your unforgettable driving experience, it is up to you to spend some time in Munich. The capital of Bavaria has a lot to offer for all tastes. There is a lot of history and arts to discover in the museums (Residenz or Pinakothek), numerous beer gardens with local cuisine, and enough bars and clubs to spend the nights out. As Munich is surrounded by beautiful lakes with many curvy roads around, it is also great fun to take a car and drive around in Bavaria. After all, the headquarters of BMW with its BMW world are in the city and will increase your joyful anticipation of the trip waiting ahead. We hope that you enjoy your stay at our hotel partner and that you get enough rest for the upcoming road trip. On the day of departure of your Europe driving tour we will deliver your luxury rental car to your desired location. This can be your hotel, Munich airport or the central station. Before hitting the road, our staff will introduce you to all the vehicle’s features. This way, you will have a comfortable, safe and fun ride in the next days. You have many luxury rental cars to choose from for your Europe driving tour. We are specialized in Porsche and have all models available.
Now it is time to follow the route that we planned thoroughly for your trip. It will consist of scenic roads, twists and turns on mountain passes, fast stretches on the highway and panoramic routes along the water. Drive onto the “Autobahn” towards the South of Germany and look at the Alps mountains looming in the distance. Today you will drive on a former racetrack just between two Bavarian lakes and through Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A large part of the route offers many curvy roads with light traffic only. Cross the border to Austria in the afternoon and arrive at your SPA resort in the region of Tyrol.

DAY 2:
(Deutsche Alpenstraße), Tyrol, Austria -> Zurich, Switzerland

Today some more borders need to be crossed on your supercar driving tour in Europe. You will start with your sports car in Austria and drive along the famous Deutsche Alpenstraße (German Alpine Road) in Germany. It is best known for its views of the beautiful mountain ranges. Make a stop during your sports car tour at Lake Constance, one of the biggest lakes in Europe. With the road book that we individually prepare for you, you will always have tips for lunch breaks at hand. Now continue your European driving experience and take your luxury car to the next country, Switzerland. Zurich is constantly rated one of the most livable cities in the world. For today we have prepared a soft mattress at one of the best hotels at the Lake Zurich. Get some rest from driving your sports car all day long and enjoy the delicious Swiss cuisine. Your hire vehicle can be parked in the garage while you check out the wellness area of your hotel.

DAY 3:
(San Bernadino Pass Road), Zurich, Switzerland -> Milan, Italy:

Are you looking for the best driving roads in Europe? Today we have something special for you on the way from Switzerland to Italy. You will not be driving the boring highway, but the San Bernadino Pass Road next to it. Whether your have rented a Porsche 911, Audi R8 or BMW i8 for your sports car tour. A lot of fun is guaranteed. Fulfilled with joy after all this driving pleasure, you will arrive in the area of 3 of the most scenic lakes in Italy. The Lago Maggiore, the Lake Lugano and the Lake Como. Our road book again has plenty of recommendations for lunch breaks and activities around the lake. Make sure you enjoy the breathtaking nature as the hustle and bustle of Milan is awaiting you in the evening. Cross the border to Italy and drive down into the valley leading to the European hotspot of fashion and style. In Milan you can go shopping like nowhere else – treat your credit card carefully! The nightlife is amazing and you can celebrate half-time of your Europe luxury driving tour in one of the many bars and restaurants. The area around Navigli, a system of canals leading through Milan, is especially recommendable. If you feel like spending more time in this fascinating city in North Italy, it is no problem. You can spend one more day – without touching your supercar – in Milan, just let us know when we plan your sports car tour together.

DAY 4:
(Piedmont) Milan, Italy -> Turin, Italy:

Enjoy an extensive breakfast at your luxury accommodation and prepare for the next driving stage. Together with your luxury car you will today leave the region of Lombardy and enter the Piedmont. Our route takes you through picturesque Italian villages that are always worth a stop. Today you will drive through Romagnano Sesia or Bellia, for example. If you have time left, feel free to take some detours and experience the little gems of Italy yourself. After all, our luxury car gives you the freedom to go where you want. However, with our route recommendations you are always on the safe side. It will be a rather relaxed trip today, but we have made sure to include some sharp bends and curves, nonetheless. In order to make your European driving tour even more unforgettable, take the opportunity to make some photos along the way. Rev up the engine of your car and watch the people around cheering. Italians never show any envy when it comes to cars. This evening you will arrive in the lively town of Turin. It is much less touristic than Milan, but offers as many things to delight you. Coffee is one of them as many famous brands such as Lavazza or La Tazza d’Oro are headquartered here. Another specialty for gourmets is the white truffle. The beautiful and centuries-old architecture makes strolling around an adventure at any time. Go and explore the city by yourself or follow our tips for a great evening in Turin. Park your luxury car at your hotel in the city center and look back to another memorable day on your sports car tour through Europe.

DAY 5:
(Col de Turini), Italy -> Nice, France:

One of the big highlights of your Europe driving tour waits at the end of the last stage. The Col de Turini is probably one of the best-known mountain pass roads in the world. Partly, because it was featured in many car magazines on TV or in print editions in the past. You still have the perfect sports car to drive it, what are you waiting for? After all, it is also part of the Rally Monte Carlo. The scenic road connects the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera) in France with the Piedmont in Italy. As the next stop on your supercar driving tour in Europe is Nice, this comes in handy. Get into your dream car, turn the key around and hold the steering wheel tight. Conquering curve after curve, you will be closely linked to the car at some point and can enjoy the dynamics to the fullest. We hope that it was worthwhile following our driving tips on your tour. Get off the gas, reflect upon the last 5 days and soak in the last moments with your sports car as you approach Nice. Here we will personally welcome you back from your road trip. Savor your evening at the French coast, have some delicious seafood and tasteful wine. It does not matter whether you want to go on an individual driving tour with your partner, family or best friend, or with a group. We have experienced instructors in our team who could guide several cars together. One thing is for sure: All our trips are tailor-made and a very special experience. Get in touch with us now if you like to have more information or a quotation for a driving tour. We take care of the route planning, hotel bookings and, of course, providing the right car. Choose from our luxury fleet and drive the car of your dreams.


  • Complete organization of your Europe supercar driving tour
  • 5 days with a luxury rental car
  • 5 nights in 4-5 star deluxe hotels incl. breakfast
  • Comprehensive CarVia road book
  • Personal concierge service
  • GPS set up with your personal CarVia route

Price List for 2 people with luxury rental car:

(Prices may vary depending on season and availabilities)

  • Fiat Abarth 595 Convertible

    3.795,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 1.500,00€
  • Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione

    3.795,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 1.500,00€
  • Porsche Macan GTS

    4.150,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • BMW M2 Competition

    4.150,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche 718 Boxster

    4.250,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche Cayenne S Coupé

    4.490,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche 911 Carrera T

    4.750,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • BMW i8

    4.750,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche Panamera

    4.750,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible

    4.950,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

    5.450,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 7.500,00€
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo

    5.650,00 €
    Including fully comprehensive insurance with deductible of 3.500,00€


We look forward to receiving your request and are happy to tailor the tour to your individual needs. You just need to get in and go!