"You cannot treat a car like a human being, a car needs love" - Walther Röhrl

Supercar driving tours - Experience Drive

Renting a luxury car in Europe is one thing, but knowing where to drive it is a whole different story. We know what a difference it can make to your supercar experience. Our formula:
Your dream car + our route planning + our partner hotels = the road trip of your lifetime.
Whether you want to ride through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or France. Choose your supercar from our very own luxury car rental fleet. We have the experience and know the best roads to drive, be it curvy mountain passes in the Alps or scenic roads along the coast. Take advantage of our scouting activities over many years and enjoy beautiful landscapes, dynamic routes and luxurious hotels. During your driving tour, you can use the recommendations in our road book for places to see and activities for every taste. Browse through our tours and expect nothing less than pure driving pleasure.

Tailor-made supercar driving tours

All of our driving experiences feature an exciting program off the road as well. The tour through Germany, for example, takes you to the German automobile museums. And many routes lead you to the historical sights and natural wonders of Europe. Get inspired by our routes and choose your favorite itinerary.
We are also happy to customize our tours and tailor them to your special requirements, in case you would like to extend a trip or visit specific locations. Upon request, or if you are going with a group, we can also provide you with a professional instructor to ensure a safe and dynamic ride. Talk to us, we have the suitable partners in Europe who make sure you will have the luxury driving tour in Europe of your lifetime.

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Most Popular Supercar driving tours

The Top gear Special Weekend

Our Top Gear special weekend for those who love to drive. Choose your supercar and spend a weekend at the Côte d’Azur. From the episode "driving in heaven" of the world-famous Auto TV show, we have included the most beautiful pass, the Col de Turini, and a visit to Gorges du Verdon. You will spend the night in the beautiful city of Nice.

Why you should do a Supercar driving tour

In the past, we realized that only few car enthusiasts understand what the car experience is all about. For us it is not about mere technical specifications or acceleration values. It is not about making a big entrance. In contrast, we experience and feel cars when we drive from bend to bend, when the sound of the car echoes from the rock face and gives us goosebumps. When the dynamics of the car make us more self-confident and we dare to hit the brake later to cut the next corner on the perfect line. But a joy shared is a joy doubled! So make sure to choose a co-driver who can appreciate these moments as well. A luxury driving tour has so many facets and offers experiences for every taste. Different countries, different cultures, changing landscapes as you drive up the mountain and cruise back into the valley. Feel the greatest possible freedom after becoming one with your supercar, after conquering one of your favorite pass roads, while enjoying the view from the top of one of the numerous mountains in our programs.
We have scouted the most beautiful routes in Europe and planned the most enjoyable driving tours. With these experiences we make sure that you will have a very special story to tell about the places you discover. Look forward to an unforgettable experience with CarVia driving tours. Book one of our road trips now.

Germany and the Black Forest

It just makes sense. When you choose Germany for your supercar driving tour you can visit the birthplace of the car. Go for a Porsche from our fleet to drive through its home town. Of course you will visit the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart during your trip. And only a stone's throw away is the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Yet it does not end there. In our home town Munich, the BMW World and Museum are waiting for you as well!

"When accerlerating, the tears of emotion have to run off horizontally to the ear"

Walter Röhrl

In addition to our great luxury car journeys, we offer special track days on well-known racetracks and organize motor sport events for private groups and corporate events. Your can even combine a track day with a driving tour through Europe. Just get in touch with us with your special request and we will find the perfect solution together with our partners.

Not just holidays, but a private luxury experience to remember! All year long you can go on tour with us. Although we do all the planning and bookings for you, our near-invisible support always stays in the background. Get addicted to our exotic car driving vacation in Europe now.
You are not alone and want to take your buddies or your best-performing employees on a lifetime adventure? Then request a group tour. We will individually plan your personal itinerary. And during the supercar tour our staff will make your journey as smooth as possible.
For those looking for the ultimate racing experience on a racetrack. Combine a weekend in Munich with a Track Day at the Salzburgring. An instructor will spend the whole day with you on the racetrack. You can take a seat in a special track tool and will be personally coached by our partners.

Luxury rental Cars for your supercar driving tours

“And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.”

Ayrton Senna

Why are we so enthusiastic about cars and love the combination of sports cars and beautiful landscapes?
In the CarVia team, it all started with a memorable experience. We were on a big scouting tour with our staff who plan and organize your driving tours. On our way back across the Alps between Italy and Austria we wanted to take a pass road that is well-known and very popular among our instructors, the Timmelsjoch. After enjoying delicious ice cream in Merano for a bit too long, we came under time pressure as the Timmelsjoch closes at 8 pm. The conditions were unique, best weather and because it was already evening, the traffic was light. We were on our way with a total of 4 cars, a Porsche 911, a BMW M2 Competition, a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS and an Audi R8 V10 Spyder. Fortunately, we made it to the toll road just before 8. The gate closed right after us and we were the last ones and had the road all to ourselves. The sound of our engines echoed in the mountains, the view at around 2500 m height was bombastic and we developed the feeling of absolute freedom as we accelerated through curve after curve. After crossing the Timmelsjoch, we got out of the cars and jumped around in circles for some time. We live and love motorsport and discovering the most beautiful routes in Europe. With our ultimate driving tours we want to share this passion with everyone who can feel this joy, fun and happiness. Not only for some days during the sports car road trip, but for much longer with the memories you collect en route.