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In Hamburg, you will find us very centrally located in the city center: Gertrudenstr. 2, 20095 Hamburg.
Conveniently located at the main train station, you can look forward to a wide fleet ranging from compact cars to premium electric cars and sports cars.
Book your car rental in Hamburg easily online and enjoy the best service and flexibility in your car rental.

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FAQ about renting a car in Hamburg

Even in the Hanseatic city, the rental procedure is no different than usual. Choose online your favorite car, whether small car, SUV or luxury car and finish the booking process.
On the rental day, your booked rental car will then be ready for pickup.
Only if you want to rent a fishing boat, we can not help you.

Hamburg is a world-famous port city that attracts millions of tourists every year. These come mainly in the summer and have particularly high demand for mobility.
Therefore, car rentals are often a little cheaper in the winter. If you want to get a particularly cheap rental car with us, you should play a bit with the booking dates.
For example, the price also differs depending on the day of the week. In general, our cars are cheapest for a longer rental period.

Since Hamburg is such a large metropolis, we can also offer a great fleet of different rental cars here.
For example, we have small cars like an Audi A1, but also large SUVs like a Porsche Cayenne or last but not least innovative electric cars like the Tesla available in Hamburg.
Best go to the booking process to see the actual cars available on your booking dates.

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Luxury fleet
  • Cancel free of charge until 1 week before start of rental
  • Guaranteed & like new vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Transparent rental conditions

Driving a rental car in Hamburg

Even in Hamburg, the beautiful city on the Elbe, you don't necessarily have to get around by boat.
It's a lot of fun to explore the city in a convertible, with which you can cruise along the Alster in a very relaxed way. If you are going on vacation and out of Hamburg, however, an SUV is the better choice, with which you can then take enough luggage and have enough seats for friends and family.
From daily rentals to 1 month rentals you can rent our cars in Hamburg and explore beautiful places from Sylt to down south.
At CarVia we guarantee your rental car and you do not book a car class, so you actually drive the car you book. This of course also applies to our sports cars, for example if you rent a Porsche in Hamburg.