Prices & Fees Carsharing

  • Registration fee

    The registration is completely free of charge. Please note that we make a deposit request to Paypal or credit card provider to check your creditworthiness.
  • Airport fee Munich (parking at P20)

    For the journey to the airport or the return journey to Munich we charge a fee of 14,50€ in addition to the rental price.
Other services
  • Support ride because of wrong parking

    According to effort min. 25€
    Before a car is towed away and it becomes really expensive, we try to remove it from the place ourselves.
  • Support ride because of breakdown/flat tire

    2,50€ per km
    If during the rental, the car breaks down due to, for example, a flat tire, and we exchange the car or change the tire on-site, a fee of €2.50 per kilometer distance from our location at Am Ausbesserungswerk 8, 80939 Freimann will be applicable. This fee will also apply if the deductible for damage to the vehicle has been reduced to €0.
  • accident processing fee

    In the event of an accident, we have to talk to the police, the other party involved in the accident, the assessor, etc. and process the accident as best we can. For this high effort we reserve a processing fee of 75€. This also applies if the deductible has been reduced to 0€.
Administrative offences
  • Processing of administrative offences

    We have to charge this processing fee because we have extra personnel who transmit driver data & co. to the police.
  • Towing by outside company

    75€ fee + towing costs
    The renter is liable for the proper parking of the vehicle up to 48 h after the end of the rental period.
Contractual penalties (enforcement in each case dependent on fault)
  • Passing on access data / unauthorized driver

    There is no comprehensive insurance coverage for unauthorized drivers, and liability claims can also be pursued.
  • Unauthorized foreign travel

    In the case of an unauthorized trip abroad, there is no comprehensive insurance coverage and liability claims can also be recourse.
  • Special cleaning

    According to expenditure, min. 50,00 €
    E.g. extreme pollution, smoking, animal hair, construction debris or similar.
Liquidated damages
  • Loss vehicle key

  • Loss charging cable

  • Loss of charging or fuel card