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Carsharing in Munich

In our hometown of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, you can take advantage of our sharing offer. Don't worry, you don't even have to wear lederhosen.
With the CarVia app, you can drive our fantastic fleet of electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3 through to great convertibles like the BMW 4 Series.
We are also the only car sharing provider in Munich and worldwide to offer Porsche car sharing.
This means you not only have the flexibility to travel from Schwabing to Maxvorstadt, take a day trip to Lake Starnberg or go on vacation for more than a week, but you can also have a great deal of driving fun at the same time.

FAQ about CarVia Share in Munich

The city of Munich is one of the biggest supporters of car sharing and new innovative mobility concepts. Therefore, among other things, 1000 own parking spaces are designated only for Shared Moblity. You can park your car anywhere else where it is allowed and you don't have to pay any parking fees. In this respect, the capital of Bavaria is the perfect place for car sharing users.

If you want to park the vehicle at Munich Airport in the car sharing parking lot P20, a fee of €14.50 is charged in addition to the rental price. This fee is also due when driving from the airport to Munich in the city area.

No, the CarVia app and the registration for our car sharing offer are completely free of charge. Please note that during the registration process we might check if we could debit a certain amount. This is only a request to check your creditworthiness. In fact, you only have to pay something if you drive a CarVia Share.

You can only end your rental in the CarVia Share business area. To do this, you must park the car properly and then terminate it via the app. During your rental, you can of course also park outside the business area. If you have an emergency and need to end your carsharing trip outside the business area, call our customer service so that we can find a solution.

Yes, we also have Porsche Carsharing in Munich. We want to offer you the same pleasure and choice that you would have if you bought your own vehicle. That's why we also aim to have special cars such as the Porsche Taycan in car sharing in Munich in the long term.

You can see all FAQ about our car sharing offer on the following page: Carsharing FAQ