BMW M3 rental

BMW M3 rental Germany

The BMW M3 is the flagship of BMW's in-house tuning brand, the M GmbH. Experience yourself that an M3 no longer has anything to do with a normal 3-series sedan or station wagon. Best handling capabilities and lots of power bring maximum driving pleasure in the M3 car.

BMW M3 Touring rental

You can book the BMW M3 online with us like other powerful sports cars. Even though the vehicle is quite special, the procedure of the car rental is not different from other cars. Select the desired date and the preferred car rental station in the booking bar to book the sports car from Bavaria.
Our rental agents will be happy to assist you with the delivery of your rental car and give you a briefing on the special features of the sporty BMW, so that you are well prepared for driving the M3.

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BMW M3 rental with CarVia

Nowadays, it is no longer a secret that a normal BMW 3 Series will always be accompanied by a sharpened version, a BMW M3. For several model generations the car has improved again and again. Not only in terms of performance, where you now have more than 500 horsepower, but also the handling and everyday usability benefit from each development cycle. Initially, the M3 was only available with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, but it is now also offered with all-wheel drive and a quick-shifting automatic gearbox. In addition, the M3 is now also available as the M3 Competition. Here you can enjoy even more performance. Look forward to experiencing the sports car yourself when you treat yourself to the adventure and rent the BMW M3. You can hire the car at our many different rental hubs in Germany and will have a lot of options included. For more information regarding our rental terms, check the details during the booking process.

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