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The founder of Mercedes, Carl Benz, is considered the inventor of the automobile. Since then, the German car manufacturer has developed into one of the most valuable car brands in the world over more than 100 years.
Experience for yourself why the brand with the star is so popular when you rent a Mercedes.

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Probably the most famous model from Mercedes is the S-Class. It is considered to be the most luxurious sedan in the world. In here, the driver and passenger are offered the finest materials, the best workmanship and the greatest driving comfort over a length of more than 5 meters. But the smaller model variants, from the A-Class to the sportier derivatives such as the SL 63 AMG, now also benefit from these advancements.
The success of the G-Class is exceptional, too. The angular off-roader actually seems to have fallen a bit out of time, but is very popular with drivers all over the world.
Enjoy the great vehicles with the star on the hood yourself when you rent a Mercedes.

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Mercedes: The best or nothing

Mercedes' slogan can certainly be taken seriously. The cars from the Swabian car manufacturer regularly win comparisons with similar models from other brands. The workmanship, design and, above all, the great comfortable ride of a Benz are too good. This is precisely why, for example, the flagship, the S-Class, is often used as a chauffeur car in the long version or as a Maybach.
But Mercedes can do more than just driving comfortably. Especially with the models sharpened by AMG, such as a C 63 AMG or the AMG GT, the oldest car manufacturer in the world shows how sporty it can tune the vehicles.
Here you can experience pure driving pleasure with large 8-cylinder engines. Get ready for a great ride when you are on the road with a Mercedes rental car. Enjoy the driving fun with your family and loved ones so you can share the experience of driving a Mercedes.

You can rent a Mercedes rental car just like any other car. For this you need a driver's license, an identification document and the appropriate means of payment.
In addition, you must meet the minimum age of the respective model. Then you can simply book online and then take delivery of the desired car on the reserved pick-up day.

Of course, you can have a lot of fun with a rental car already in one day. But mostly rental cars are much cheaper from 3 or more days. So you should consider whether you prefer to combine the experience with the next vacation. Then you can also experience the special car properly.

Mercedes also has models from the compact class like the A-Class. Here, you don't necessarily have to pay more than for a comparable car from BMW, Audi & Co. However, if you want a little more power and choose, for example, an AMG Mercedes, the rental will be a little more expensive.
So you have the choice!

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