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Feel the excitement of driving the best electric vehicle in the world. Look forward to the experience of accelerating in an electric sports car. Our Porsche Taycan rental cars are always available for your booking. To try out the Porsche Taycan, all you have to do is contact us.

Porsche Taycan drive yourself

Driving the Porsche Taycan yourself is even a touch more exciting than other models from the Stuttgart-based automaker. Of course, this is primarily due to the electric drive, which accelerates the sports car incredibly quickly. But equally, the whole infotainment system with curved screen in front of the driver's seat, passenger display and space shuttle sound generator is a completely new development.
So look forward to a very unique experience when you rent the Porsche Taycan and drive it yourself.

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Porsche Taycan - Experience the fascination of an electric sports car

The German flagship electric sports car Porsche Taycan was in development for a long time. The concept studio for today's Taycan was first unveiled by Porsche in 2015 with the then still different name "Mission E". Since then, Porsche has spent over 1,000,000 test kilometers fine-tuning the performance and suitability for everyday use of the purely electric-powered sports car. The main focus was on the problem of heat generation from the battery-powered powertrain and the associated loss of performance.

The thermal management system, in combination with the powertrain concept (PSM and 800-volt technology), ensures the high reproducibility of the power call. Cooling in line with demand achieves sports car-typical driving performance and, if desired, several times in succession. Porsche has achieved a wide spread between performance and range. In winter, intelligent thermal management also enables efficient heating operation in line with demand.

The result is therefore currently the best electric sports car in the world. This is demonstrated not least by the record drive with a new best time for electric cars at the Nürburgring. Nevertheless, the electric racer has also caused a bit of incomprehension among fans and journalists. However, it is not the car itself that plays a role here, but the designation.
The first derivatives of the electric sports car were in fact the Porsche Taycan Turbo and the Turbo S. Since there is of course no turbo drive in an electric car, the designation is misleading here. Porsche nevertheless opted for the old names when naming the more powerful performance levels, arguably to bring tradition into the modern age. We make it possible for you to drive the Porsche Taycan yourself and thus experience the great performance of the Porsche Taycan rental car for yourself. You can choose the duration of your rental and be on the road in the Porsche Taycan from one day to several weeks or months. Book now easily online your unforgettable experience by renting the Porsche Taycan.

Rent a Porsche Taycan Turbo

With us you can also rent the fastest of all Taycan the Porsche Taycan Turbo.
There was a lot of discussion about the name Turbo, since the electric sports car doesn't actually have a turbo, but you forget this at the latest with the first acceleration.
The only combustion engine that can keep up is its corporate brother, the Porsche 911 Turbo. It is therefore understandable that the Porsche engineers decided to add the Turbo to the name.
The experience of driving a Porsche Turbo and feeling the power is incomparable, and afterwards you understand why the many editors and journalists mostly just grin at these cars.

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